Saturday morning coffee ride, Scandic Plaza.

Saturday 15 June
Coffee Ride
Pre-Event Buffet Dinner

Sunday 16 June
Umeå Scandic Plaza 12:00
Bike Shop 13:00 – 15:00
Baggböle Manor 13:00 – 19:00
Brännland Inn 19:00 – 23:05
20:00
Playlist MSR 2024

Post Ride
Laure’s Fika

Friday 21 June
Swedish Midsummer’s Eve


Coffee Ride

On the day before the event, participants arriving early to Umeå will have the opportunity to take part in a guided coffee ride, making a stop at a chosen café outside of Umeå. The ride will start from the hotel Umeå Scandic Plaza at 10:00 on Saturday the 15th of June. If you would like to participate and have questions about the ride please send an email to Jan Olsson (janolsson6@hotmail.com) for more information. Sign up for the coffee ride when registering.

Saturday morning coffee ride, Scandic Plaza.

If you would like to explore the landscape round Umeå on your own and don’t mind a couple of extra kilometres on gravel we suggest you visit the rapids below the Stornorrfors hydroelectric power station and check the fish ladder there. Bring walking shoes. The gravel road up from the river is steep. At Norrfors you can also see rock carvings and marvel over the post-glacial land uplift that is still ongoing in this part of the world. When the rock carvings were created the cliffs were situated by the sea. To see them you must cross the river via a road on the dam. A gravel road leads down to the carvings. Also there walking shoes will come in handy. For more information visit Ume Älvdal.

The dam at Stornorrfors, Sweden’s second largest hydroelectric power station.

Pre-Event Buffet Dinner

Brännland Inn, Brännland 35.

Please join us on Saturday the 15th of June, the day before the event, for a pre-booked buffet dinner at Brännland Inn which starts at 17:00. Tickets can be booked until the 1st of June. Price of dinner ticket: 36 €. Family and friends are welcome. Casual attire.

The dinner provides an excellent opportunity to meet fellow participants and make new friends before the event starts. At the dinner you can also pick up and try on your pre-orded MSR-jersey. There will be a few extra jerseys available if you need to change size.

Roast beef
BBQ-grilled Carré sausage with Västerbotten cheese
Västerbotten pie
Pasta salad with sun-dried tomato and olives
Creamy potato salad
Mixed green salad 
Tomato salad
Marinated vegetables 
Bearnaise sauce and BBQ sauce 
Bread and butter

Getting there:
Bike: Umeå to Brännland (10 km)
Bus: Nr 15, Umeå Vasaplan (bus stop K) to Brännland Ö E12. (16:28 – 16:44, 16 min.)
Taxi: +46 90-911 91, +46 90-77 00 00, +46 90-100 100
Car: Free parking.


Umeå Scandic Plaza 12:00

Check out time is 12:00 if your staying at Umeå Scandic Plaza. If you have booked a room at the hotel after the event, your bike box and luggage will be stored in a separate locked luggage room for MSR-participants until you return from your ride.

Umeå Scandic Plaza, Storgatan 40.

Bike shop 13:00 – 15:00

For last minute purchases and bike service, head to the bike shop Umeå Cykelsport on Skiftesvägen 6B. The bike shop is normally closed on weekends but will be open for MSR-particiants between 13:00 and 15:00 on Sunday. The mechanic, Jan-Eric, will be available at Baggböle Manor later on in the day to assist participants arriving by car who are assembling their bikes at Baggböle Manor. You’ll also find Jan-Eric at the start location Brännland Inn in the evening.

The mechanic Jan-Eric at the bike shop Umeå Cykelsport on Skiftesvägen 6B.

Baggböle Manor 13:00 – 19:00

During the day, before the start of the event, participants will gather at Baggböle Manor: a historical building situated in pleasant and peaceful surroundings overlooking Ume River. Food, rest and long-term parking facilities will be provided for at this location. The manor is located 3 km from the start location in Brännland and approximately 8 km from the centre of Umeå. See route between the different locations: Umeå – Brännland.

Baggböle Manor, Baggböle 115.

At Baggböle Manor you can prepare for the event, relax and rest. Park your bike on the terrace behind the manor (the side facing the river). If you want to get some rest before the start there is a quiet room with air mattresses on the first floor.

Between 15:00 and 16:00 a catered lunch (included in the entry fee) is served on the ground floor. For participants travelling to the event by car a long-term parking at Baggböle Manor is available from Saturday the 16th to Thursday the 20th of June.

Kaiserschmarrn (scrambled pancakes) with icing sugar and blueberry jam.

For late arrivals pre-ordered MSR-jerseys can be picked at Baggböle Manor.

If you’re staying at the Scandic Plaza bring a bag with extra shoes; take the stairs down to the river and take a stroll through an arboretum by Ume River housing trees and plants from across the world. Your bag will later be returned to the hotel when you leave Baggböle Manor (tick the box ”Bag drop to Scandic Plaza” in the registration form).

At Baggböle Manor (June 2022), visit the arboretum down by Ume River.

Brännland Inn 19:00 – 23:05

A buffet dinner (included in entry fee) will be available at Brännland Inn between 19:00 and 21:00. Treats such as waffles with cloudberry jam and whipped cream can be purchased separately during the entire evening.

Baked chicken fillet 
Bulgur salad 
Pasta salad, two varieties
Creamy potato salad
Mixed green salad
Bean salad 
Garlic cream 
Bread and butter

Dinner buffet before start. Brännland Inn, Brännland 35.

20:00
You can sign in and pick up your brevet card after the buffet dinner. Please check that the MSR web app is working on your phone at the same time. If you have problems you’ll find help at the event registry. You may also find a few MSR-jerseys on sale.

at Brännland Inn starts at 20:00.

The brevet starts at sunset 23:05

The start of MSR 2023. Brännland Inn, Brännland 35.


Playlist – Spotify

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After the ride, hand in your brevet card and pick up your post ride meal box at the Scandic Plaza reception desk. And in the web app, check out from the final checkpoint.

Laure’s Fika

During opening hours, visit a french pâtisserie called Laure’s Fika next to the railway station for a coffee and our own version of the famous pastry Paris–Brest which we have namned ”Soleil de minuit”. This well deserved treat is included in the entry fee for which you’ll find a digital voucher in the web app when you check out from the final checkpoint.


Swedish Midsummer’s Eve

If you’re staying in Umeå on Midsummer’s Eve you’re welcome to join us for a traditional Midsummer celebration with a maypole, folk music and games in the village of Norrmjöle situated on the coast about 21 km from Umeå.

Jan Olsson will be the guide and for the day. The bike ride to Norrmjöle will start from Umeå Scandic Plaza at 12:00 and the group will return back from Norrmjöle in the afternoon. If you would like more information about the midsummer celebration in Norrmjöle please send an email to Jan Olsson (janolsson6@hotmail.com).

Midsummer celebration in Norrmjöle.
Midsummer picnic in Norrmjöle.