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The registration fee is 250 EUR until the 31st of December. Thereafter 300 EUR until the 2nd of June. Then finally 350 EUR for last-minute tickets until the 14th of June. Registration fees are not refunded however starting places can be resold and transfered until the 2nd of June.

Please fill in the registration form below with your name and date of birth, the address to which your medal from Les Randonneurs Mondiaux will be sent upon completing the randonnée, the mobile number that you’ll be using throughout the event, a permanent email address and also any special dietary requirements you may have (gluten free, lactose free, allergies, vegan, vegetarian etc).

After submitting your entry please check that you have received a confirmation by email. If not then check your spam folder and if found there, please change your spam filter settings for the address "" so you will not miss future emails.


Please let us know if you will have any special requirements concerning the event’s food menu, for instance allergies, gluten or lactose intolerance, vegan or vegetarian meals etc.

Carpool from Europe

If you plan to drive to Umeå and would like to share a ride, please add your name to the carpool.

Included in the entry fee

Please look throught the event program before you submit your choices.

Not included in the entry fee

Purchase a digital voucher for the MSR jersey at a 20% discount. The voucher can be used as payment on the La Chemise website until the 7th of July.

Please join us on Saturday the 15th of June, the day before the event, for a pre-booked buffet dinner at Brännland Inn which starts at 17:00. The dinner provides an excellent opportunity to meet participants and make new friends before the event starts. At the dinner you can also pick up and try on your pre-orded MSR-jersey.

Please note, the organiser Cykelintresset is under no obligation to refund a participant who for any reason is unable to participate in the event. Entry tickets may however be resold. Emergency roadworks, extreme weather and other unforeseen circumstances may force the organiser to make last minute changes and adjustments to the event, including the course, the checkpoints and services at the checkpoints. The organiser reserves the right to make these changes without compensation to participants. If for some unforseen reason the event cannot take place in June 2024 the event will not be cancelled but instead be postponed until 2025. By registering, you accept the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

Addressing the current situation in Ukraine, Les Randonneurs Mondiaux do not list LRM events in Russia and Belarussia in their public calendar but individual riders from these countries are permitted to participate in LRM events globally. After long deliberation a divided board of the organiser Cykelintresset has however reached the decision not to permit cyclists travelling from Russia and Belarussia to participate in MSR 2024. Russian and Belarusian nationals who are resident in Sweden are exempted from this decision and can participate in MSR 2024. The project leader for MSR 2024, Florian Kynman, is not a board member and was not part of this decision.